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Here's Snarf - our partner's free DOS capture utility.

Snarf captures full-screen DOS graphics, even when running under Windows XP.
It's a Terminate and Stay Resident (TSR) program that you load before running your application.

Download Snarf

How to install.
Extract the files to this folder C:\Snarf

1 Double-click the downloaded file to open it in the Windows XP Explorer.
2 Click Extract all files. A wizard opens.
3 Extract the files to a new folder: C:\Snarf

How to capture.
Follow this procedure to start the capture program before running your application.

1 Open a DOS window by clicking Start / All Programs / Accessories / Command Prompt
2 Set the current directory to the target application, for example: cd \Program Files\DosApplicationFolder
3 Start the capture TSR, type: C:\Snarf\Snarf

4 Start the target application by typing its name.
5 Press ALT+S to take screen shots.
6 Close the target application. If needed, type Exit to close the DOS window.

The captured bitmaps will be in the target application's folder.

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