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Screen capture buying guide.
What to look for in professional screen capture software.

by Dave Eisler,   January 2023

Screen capture software ranges widely in price and quality, from freeware to about $1000. The most popular programs are in the $20 - 40 range. (The more expensive programs create video demos.)

Consider you'll use a good program every day for years to remember information, send screen shots by email, and save money printing. So, the actual cost of a $30 program is only about $1 per month.

Top ten features to look for:

Dave Eisler, author

Fast & effortless

Great support

Scroll capture

Smooth email

Fast & effortless
Convenience comes first because all other benefits are moot if you don't like the tool enough to use it - maybe even love it enough to look for uses.

Some quality indicators are toll-free tech support, industry awards, money-back guarantee, secure order system, privacy statement, free newsletter.

Support for the latest operating systems, file formats and multiple-monitors.

Great help
For example printable guides, flash tutorials and daily tips.

Scroll capture
Copy whole pages, or any part of a page, regardless of the page's length.

Taskbar or hot key operation
Trigger captures by clicking a taskbar icon or pressing a hot key.

Smooth email interface
Send captures as a compressed file using your normal email program.

Sticky notes
Copy messages, numbers or instructions to an on-screen sticky note.

Thumbnail viewer
Collect, organize and pick captured images easily.

So you can press one key and have it capture and do what you want.

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