Smart screen capture software for busy people.

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CaptureWizLite awards and reviews

In stark contrast to the native Windows capture utility, CaptureWizLite makes it incredibly easy to capture anything . . .
Doug Stanley
The Tampa Tribune

Best I've seen!
Well worth the price.
Bill Taylor

Exactly what I needed.
David Johnston

5 out of 5

Sure makes things lots easier.
Scott Cagle

Finally I can to do what I want.
Michael Ross

Incredibly easy and saves so much time.
Jim Faliveno

So neat and easy I'm
buying it for Mom!
Linda Hauck

CaptureWizLite screen capture software
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Quick and easy screen capture
screen capture software

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Simple, fast screen capture
Capture anything, anywhere on your screen easily. Start by clicking the main toolbar, the taskbar icon, or by pressing a hot key. You'll be guided by simple tools that are visible over any background, and it takes just 3 or 4 clicks. Our interactive Flash demos will get you up to speed fast. Or, you can learn as you go from the daily tips.

Wide choice of outputs
Screen captures can be saved to sequentially numbered files (GIF, JPEG, PNG, or BMP), printed (with optional fit-to-page), copied to the Windows clipboard for pasting into documents, or automatically compressed and emailed.

Use it every day
Use CaptureWizLite every day to explain, remember, and organize. Copy what you want from the web, including PDFs, maps, and live web presentations. Snap pictures of anything you need to remember, like instructions, results, or specifications. Send support techs pictures of computer problems. Save records of working computer settings. Help others by including screen captures with your words.

Supports Windows XP, Window Me, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows 95 & Windows NT4. Requires 3 MB harddisk space. 1 MB download (2.5 min @ 56 kbps), includes uninstaller.

Screen capture saves time!
Optional frame tool helps you
compose perfect screen captures.

Screen capture screenshot
Screen capture ready to be printed,
saved, copied or emailed.

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Speed capture demo (one minute loop)

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