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CaptureWizLite Revision History

March 2012
Stopped offering Lite edition.

Version 2.4 - (free update)
Fixes problem switching from Pro to Lite.

Version 2.3 - (free update)
Compensates for new bug in nVidia video driver.

Version 2.2 - (free update)
Fixes frame capture when using new nVidia video drivers - captured wrong area.

Version 2.1 - (free update)
Make compatible with CaptureWizPro 2.2 - so you can switch from one to the other.
No new features or bug fixes. No need for paid users to update.

Version 2.01 - (free update)
Minor changes to setup, purchase wizard, labels and icons.
No new features or bug fixes. No need for existing users to update.

Version 2.0 - (free update)
Name changed from CaptureWiz to CaptureWizLite, significantly simplified - almost complete re-write.
Camera metaphor replaced by speed capture and frame capture.

Version 1.11 - (free update)
Fixed printing for some printer/video card combinations (especially Epson Stylus & HP Laserjets).

Version 1.1 - (free update)
CaptureWiz now works on NT/Win2000 systems in non-administrator mode.
Settings now saved when Windows is closed without closing CaptureWiz.

Added "My first capture" and other improvements to help file.
Help file opens more reliably immediately after installation, especially on NT.
Sticky notes now have hint popup, help menu item, and F1 help.

Fixed exception that occurred when Start With Windows then press PrintScreen key.
Fixed exception that occurred when right-click sticky-note button then click Delete.
Improved receipt of information from server when ordering CaptureWiz over the web.

Version 1.02 - (free update)
Changed memory usage during printing to fix blank pages printed by HP Laserjets when resources are low.

Version 1.01 - (free update)
Removed debugging tool that caused "Error 103" on NT systems and "Debug.txt" file on Windows 98 desktops.

Version 1.0
First public release.

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