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Version 7.5 - (free update)
Output bar buttons moveable and easier to find.
Open and run multiple recorders at the same time.
Preview of crosshair size and color setting.

Version 7.4 - (free update)
Adds a Pause button to the recorder.
While recording, you can use the capture bar and take screenshots.
Adds crosshair size and color settings.
Fixes several recording issues.

Version 7.3 - (free update)
Fix tiny output toolbar on high dpi monitors

Version 7.2 - (free update)
Speed up browsing through past captures
Minor interface changes

Version 7.1 - (free update)
Minor corrections

Version 7.0 - (paid upgrade)

Compatibility with Windows 11
Ultra-fast video recording direct to MP4 format
Everything safely stored to our new Fastback Viewer
Stretchable sticky notes
Compatible with HD monitors and any multi-monitor configuration

Version 6.2 - (free update)
Fix administrator required after Windows 10 Reset issue.

Version 6.1 - (free update)
Change pricing.

Version 6.0 - (paid upgrade)

Windows 10 compatibility.
CWP is now compatible with Window 8.1 and Windows 10, including virtual desktops and Microsoft's new screen magnification for high-resolution monitors.

Mobile compatibility.
Compatibile with touch screen devices, such as the Microsoft Surface, and detachable monitors.

New output option: Path
A new output option copies a screen capture's file path to the Windows clipboard. It's handy when you need an image's path, not the image itself, for example, when attaching files to email or uploading images to a web site.

Tools remember where they go.
The Viewer and Frame tool remember their screen position, even if outside the primary monitor.

New, modern interface.
A new, modern style interface with subdued colors.

Version 5.4 - (free update)
Fixes an error message when converting recordings to WMV format. If you don't have this problem, there's no need to update.

Version 5.3 - (free update)

Compatible with Windows 8
Compatible with Windows 8, including touch capture of Windows Store apps.

New Capture Bar

New delay capture tool.
Capture after a user set delay time.

Delay Capture

Quick Save tool tweak.
Clicking Quick Save fields positions caret instead of selecting all characters.

Version 5.2 - (free update)

New Quick Save tool ends fear of not being able to find screenshots.

CaptureWiz makes grabbing screenshots so easy that they accumulate quickly and soon you can’t find the ones you want. Just ten screenshots a day piles up over three thousand images a year! Well fear not collectors, the new Quick Save tool enables you to easily create, save and recover screenshots by category. Your screenshots are saved permanently and privately. While older versions could do that using the Windows SaveAs dialog, we found for most customers this method was non-intuitive and too much effort. We think the new Quick Save tool solves the problem with its smart entry fields and one-click save button, but you be the judge.

Quick Save tool

Check out this demo video by Dave:

Borderless sticky notes.
Users told us they found great uses for naked (borderless) sticky notes. Now you can set naked as default. As a silly example, you could capture one person's face and stick it over another's, you decide, without using Photoshop. It’s a simple way to create graphical notes that can be arranged any way you like, right on the desktop.

Borderless sticky notes

Save screenshots to the desktop with one click.
Version 5.2 also adds a Desktop button to the output toolbar. Use it to save screenshots directly to your desktop, which saves a few keystrokes over using the SaveAs dialog. It’s an easy way to keep screenshots where they’ll be easily seen and found, but not covering everything else like sticky notes.

Desktop Button

Print brighter or darker.
In prior versions, large screenshots sometimes printed too lightly. CaptureWiz now applies a “gamma correction” to fix this.

Printout brightness

Network drives remembered.
Prior versions of CaptureWiz didn’t remember network drives. Now it suggests those drives as default next time.

Version 5.1 - (free update)

Adds compatibility with Windows 8 Release Preview, including capture of Metro apps. Also, the selection area is more easily adjusted over on-top windows.

Version 5.0- (paid upgrade)

1 New scroll tool captures darn near anything!
Capture anything that scrolls vertically or horizontally, even drop-down lists. Capture as much or as little of the area as you want. Simple to use, just scroll, then click Done. No need for cooperation with the targeted program. No ugly index lines or settings to adjust. It just works.

Powerful new scroll tool.

Check out the scroll capture tool demo video by Dave:

2 Timed recording.
Not only can you set the start and stop time, you can opt for automatic conversion followed by Windows shutdown. Great for recording stuff when you're gone.

Timed recordings.

3 Background video conversion.
Recordings are converted in the background so you can do other things with the computer.

Background video converter.

4 Recording area can now be tweaked.
Record the exact size you want, to the pixel.

5 Better support for full screen recording.
Hot keys are listed and taskbar icon tricks explained.

6 Window finder finds menus and popup windows.
Capture menus and popups with one-click.

7 Supports all the world's characters.
Uses "unicode" to handle any character of any language.

8 Compatible with Office clipboard extender.
There's no need to clear the clipboard between copies.

9 Improved compatibility with virtual machines.
Area selection and mouse pointer recording was improved.

10 Tolerates misbehaving security programs.
CWP takes the hits and keeps doing its job.

Version 4.5 - (free update)
Adds capability to be installed by System User. Fixes magnification problem experienced by some users of Microsoft's new DPI font scaling.

Version 4.4 - (free update)
Adds pause button to recorder. Fixes bug that sometimes recorder wouldn't stop.

Version 4.3 - (free update)
Fix player capture button.

Version 4.2 - (free update)
Added Windows 7 compatibility.

Version 4.1 - (free update)
Now compatible with 64-bit Windows. Speed control can be turned OFF for smoother recording. Saves NO temporary files when the number of storage days is set to zero. Remembers audio channels even when they have double quotes in the name. Users can now set the color and size of the tab that appears when the capture bar is retracted.

Version 4.0 - (paid upgrade)
High-performance, single-pass, unlimited length video recording. New player with conversion to WMV, AVI or GIF. New mini viewer on capture bar. Adds JPG and GIF to paste function.

Version 3.B - (free update)
Handles foreign spellings of Microsoft Video 1 codec, fixed frame scale tics, increased max scroll width to 4000 px, fixed screen sometimes appears oversize in Vista.

Version 3.A - (free update)
Fixed failure to stop recording at 2GB limit, resulting in unpredictable bad behavior.

Version 3.9 - (free update)
Fixed jumbled video recording seen in some versions of Vista.

Version 3.8 - (free update)
Added Vista compatibility - US release.

Version 3.7 - (free update)
Added Vista compatibility, for foreign licensees.

Version 3.6 - (free update)
Fixed various video recording issues, including frame-rate calculation on long captures, mid-capture stopping and MSN Messenger closing.

Version 3.5 - (free update)
Added protection from conditions that can cause dialog boxes to not appear. Added video player for playing large screen recordings without distortion. Added optional confirmations when cancel without saving. Renamed "part scroll" to "manual scroll".

Version 3.4 - (free update)
You can now use hot keys to capture CaptureWiz. Added protection against erasing files. Scroll captures now obey macro output selection. Stored file names may now contain commas.

Version 3.3 - (free update)
Added audio capture. New audio / video toolbar with pause and restart. Faster video and scroll capture. Added capture bar menu, hot key list and help. Sticky notes can now be hidden.

Version 3.2 - (free update)
Improved main window, scroll capture and email interface. Supports XP visual styles.

Version 3.1 - (free update)
Modified marketing system. No need for users to update.

Version 3.0 - (half-price update)
New capture bar, new full auto scroll, miscellaneous other improvements.

Version 2.30 - (free update)
Fixed problem that sometimes version 3.x couldn't be downgraded to 2.2. No need for existing users to update.

Version 2.20 - (free update)
New, patent-pending capture methods (speed capture, selective area scroll, and selection tweaking ) are faster and easier than ever. Also, new video capture and frame capture tools. New interactive flash tutorials, integrated thumbnail viewer, and simplified macro programming.

Version 2.01 - (free update)
Fixed rare "illegal pixel format" error message when printing scroll captures from viewer. Recommended for users who experience this error (less than 1% of users).

Version 2.0 - (free update)
Captures anything on screen, anywhere, any size, just by pointing the camera and clicking. Fast new methods for capturing windows, components and arbitrary areas. Captures can now include the mouse pointer icon. 25% smaller for faster startup. Stickies, screenshots, and the camera can now Stay-On-Top of other applications. Screenshots can be resized. A new macro capability combines input & output functions into a single step.

Version 1.32 - (free update)
Fixed upgrade error message that occurs on foreign computers that use commas instead of decimal points. No need for existing users to update.

Version 1.3 - (free update)
Adapt program to Windows XP. Editor button passes captures to any image editor. No need for existing users to update.

Version 1.2 - (free update)
Adapt program for CD-ROM distribution -- clears read-only flags on installed files. No need for existing users to update.

Version 1.1 - (free update)
Change error message to warning message during installation on NT4. No need for existing users to update.

Version 1.0
First public release.

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