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Instruction Manual

How to reinstall CaptureWiz 

Unlock keys and installation 

Compatibility details  - Compatibility with Windows Remote Desktop and Terminal Services

EULA  - End User License Agreement

Revision History

Miscellaneous - screen capture and audio / video recording tips

Feedback form  - Email us with your comments, questions and suggestions

Screen Capture

How to capture Windows 8 Metro apps 

How to fix blank screen captures 

Are your screen captures being blocked by your security software? 

How to capture menus, drop down lists and other elusive objects 

Scroll capture tips 

Screen capture troubleshooter 

Video Capture

How to smooth out jerky, erratic recordings 

How to record faster 

Tips for recording Google Earth flights 

Recording troubleshooter 

Audio Capture

How to fix blank audio 

How to improve audio quality 

Audio recording settings 

Hear the effects of audio settings 

Audio troubleshooter