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Capture Google Earth flights for free!

You can use CaptureWizPro to record Google Earth point-to-point "flights" (letting GE choose the exact flight path) or manually controlled flights (using the GE joystick control).  

Use these settings for smooth running captures with good resolution:
Windows display settings: Screen resolution - 800x600, 16-bit High Color (Google Earth will protest such a low resolution settings but don't worry)
Google Earth: (tools/options menu) Color - High 16-bit; Icon size - small; Fly-to speed - .0650 or .0500; Primary 3D font size between 72 (whole-earth views) and 18 (maximum zoom-in views).
CaptureWizePro: Frames per second - 20; Use a selection area of roughly 640 x 480 pixels (within the 800x600 screen).
Before flying, I suggest tilting the "My Places" destinations by using the GE "snapshot view" option. This makes for much more interesting fly-to paths and angles.  

Using the above settings, I typically achieved about 12 to 15 frames per second.

Here're examples I created to train our volunteer expedition teams for their visit to the remote islands of Vanuatu, where they'll be providing medical, educational and technical assistance.

(These are awesome! - Dave, CWP author)

SLS to PACctr
Vansat to Vansea ctr clipped
Vansea to FMC via volcanoes clipped
School to JMC
JMC to BB Wshore overview
BB W shore to Malavuka

People wanting to know more about these islands may want to visit www.project-marc.org
and watch some unique videos of rarely visited outer island communities.

Fair winds,
Henk Meuzelaar, MD
Project MARC medical director
Globus Relief


  Screen capture tips  from the author of CaptureWiz.

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