Burning recordings to CD

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To burn recordings to a DVD for playing in any DVD player.

Windows 10 and Windows 8

Buy or download "DVD authoring" software to create the necessary DVD menus and files.


Vista and Windows 7

1 On the PixelMetrics player, click Convert and convert the recording to WMV format.

2 Insert a blank DVD.

3 On the pop-up dialog, click Burn a DVD video disc using Windows DVD Maker.

4 In Windows DVD Maker, follow the on-screen instructions.


XP and earlier

Buy or download "DVD authoring" software to create the necessary DVD menus and files.


Note, your DVD player may be able to play the DIVX format. If so, you can play recordings on your TV by converting your video recordings to AVI format using the DIVX encoder and burning them to a DVD as data files using the burning software the that came with your computer or DVD burner. If your computer doesn't already have the DIVX encoder, here are places to get it:




To burn recordings to disk as computer data files.

Windows 10

1 Insert a blank CD-R or DVD.

2 A pop-up notification appears, tap it.

3 A small windows appears. Choose Burn files to disc.

4 Another small windows appears. Click With a CD/DVD player, then Next.

5 File Explorer appears. Locate the video files you want to burn, usually in the Desktop folder.

6 Copy the desired videos to the CD drive, usually by dragging them with the mouse.

7 Re-open the CD drive, usually labeled DVD RW Drive. You should see Files Ready to Be Written to the Disc.

7 Under the green Drive Tools tab at the top, click Manage.

8 Click Finish burning.

9 On the pop-up window, click Next.

10 Wait patiently, and when the success message appears, click Finish.

11 Send it to America's Got Talent and wait for royalties to pour in.


Windows 8

1 Insert a blank CD-R or DVD.

2 If the AutoPlay dialog appears, click Burn files to disc - Windows Explorer (may be called “File Explorer”). Otherwise proceed to step 3.

3 On the pop-up Burn a Disk window, checkmark Like a USB flash drive.

Sorry, we could not figure out how to get the other option, With a CD/DVD player, to work.

5 In the Disc title box, enter a name for the CD.

6 Click Next. The disc will be formatted immediately, if needed. Then, if you’re patient, Windows Explorer appears.

7 In Windows Explorer, locate the files to be burned and drag them to the empty CD drive folder, usually labeled like this:

DVD RW Drive (D:) [Your Name]

The files will be burned immediately, as you drop them, without further prompting.

8 To eject the CD, in Windows Explorer click Manage then Eject.

8 Wait patiently for the CD to be finalized, then ejected.


Vista and Windows 7

1 Insert a blank CD-R or DVD.

2 On the pop-up dialog, click Burn files to disc using Windows Explorer.

3 In Windows Explorer, select the files to be burned.

4 On the Windows Explorer toolbar, click Burn.

5 On the pop-up dialog, check mark With a CD/DVD player and click Next.

6 On the popup window's toolbar, click Burn to disk.


XP and earlier


1 In Windows Explorer, drag the file(s) to your CD burner drive.

2 Click the bubble that appears over the taskbar notification area.

3 Click Write these files to CD.



Convert the recordings to WMV or AVI format and burn them to DVD using the disc burning software that came with your computer or DVD burner, such as Roxio Creator or Nero DVD burner. If your burner didn't come with appropriate software, we suggest searching for "DVD burner" software at Download.com: