Basic screen capture
Three ways to start captures
Capture bar
Hot keys
Taskbar notification area icon
Start CaptureWiz with 1 click - pin to taskbar
Save steps by building personal macros
Input tool summary
Scroll capture
Video recording
Audio recording
Output tool summary
Editor button, link to any image editor
Emailing screen captures
Aol mail
Mozilla Thunderbird
Outlook Express
Qualcomm Eudora
Windows Mail
Print quality
Recalling captured images
Screen capture troubleshooter
Screen goes white
Screen changes size or scale
Blank media player capture
Turning off media player acceleration
Windows Media Player
Apple QuickTime player
Winamp player
Turning off acceleration globally
Blank spots caused by slow computers
Capturing menus, drop down lists, CaptureWiz itself
Capturing the mouse pointer
Capturing games
Capturing screen savers
Capturing DOS programs
Pasting into Microsoft Office program fails
Pasting into Microsoft Outlook fails
Pasting into Word results in small text
Playing recordings
Converting, burning, uploading and editing
Converting recordings
Inserting recordings into PowerPoint
Burning recordings to CD
Uploading recordings to the web
Editing recordings
Recording troubleshooter
Jerky recordings, erratic playback speed
Faster, smoother recordings
Reducing files sizes
Error messages
Audio troubleshooter
No audio
Poor audio
Choose a channel
Dead microphone
Missing channel
New driver
New audio card
Patch cable
Audio channel unavailable
Touch input
Windows 8  Metro apps
Problems with security or cleaning software
Shutting down CaptureWiz
Installing & uninstalling
Purchasing & password
Contact & credits

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