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Capture anything on your screen

CaptureWizPro captures anything, anywhere on your computer, including elusive objects like menus, drop-down lists, tool tips and screen savers. It also captures oversize scrolling pages, video, and audio. High contrast, easy-to-see tools guide you through three simple steps.

Wide choice of outputs

Captured material can be saved to four file types (GIF, JPEG, PNG, or BMP), printed (with optional fit-to-page), or copied to the Windows clipboard. Plus, CaptureWizPro can send captures to your email program, image editor, or a sticky note.

Capture bar

Screen captures start from a small "capture bar" that retracts out of your way on the edge of the screen. Or start captures with hotkeys or the taskbar icon.

Touch input

Yes, you can use CaptureWizPro on mobile devices with touch screens! There's a touch setting that expands the interface for ease of tapping and swiping.


Predictive capture

The speed tool finds windows, boxes and images as you roll your mouse around, making them easy to capture with just one click.

Selection tweaking

After selecting an area, you can precisely adjust the edges with the mouse or arrow keys.

Scroll Captures oversize pages

The scroll capture tool captures wide or tall areas that extend outside a window. Use it to capture any portion of web pages, drop down lists or other scrolling areas.

Video and audio capture

Record video with sound to WMV, AVI or GIF movie files. Set start and stop times with an optional Windows power-down when done. Record audio to WAV files.

Frame capture tool

The frame tool is an open rectangular ruler that shows the dimensions of your selected area in inches and pixels. The tool remembers its position from one use to the next and lets you interactively compose screen shots.

Sticky notes

Stickies provide a handy way to keep information or pictures on the desktop for reference. When you close and reopen CaptureWiz, the sticky notes reappear

Thumbnail viewer

Every capture is automatically backed up and available on the capture bar or in the viewer.

Customizable macro functions

Reprogram the buttons and hot keys to perform exactly the operations you want using built-in automation.

Four kinds of help

Choose from four kinds of help: interactive Flash demos, a printable summary guide, short daily tips, or a detailed help file.