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You can customize  the operation of the capture bar buttons, the taskbar icon double-click and hot keys. For example, heres how to re-configure the F10 hot key to capture the full screen and silently save it to a file with just one key press.

Example: configure a hot key for silent capture

1.On the capture bar menu, click Settings / Hot Keys / F10.
2.For Input, select Full Screen.
3.For Output, select Save.
4.Click Silent, save to path below.
5.Select a folder, filename and format.
6.Check mark Automatically increment file name.
7.Click OK.

Result: pressing F10 silently captures the full screen and saves it to the next file name.



Specify any key combination for hot keys. On the Macro Function window's General tab, click Change Key Combination.

To edit a capture bar button, right-click the button.

To see a buttons current settings, pause the mouse over the button and read the tool tip.


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