Capture bar

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Start captures by clicking one of the capture bar buttons.


The capture bar's retract and extend feature

Drag the capture bar to any screen edge and it automatically retracts into a small tab. Roll your mouse over the tab and the capture bar extends back out.


Customizing the capture bar

To customize the capture bar, on the capture bar, click Settings / Options / Capture Bar and change the desired settings.



Customizing the button functions

To customize a buttons function, right-click the button. Add or remove buttons by checking or un-checking Enabled.


Creating a minimal capture bar

A small capture bar obscures less of your screen. Here's the smallest you can go by disabling every button and turning off the mini viewer. Even at this small size, all functions are still available.

Capture Bar Minimal

Opening the capture bar

To re-open the capture bar after closing it, left-click the camera icon in the taskbar notification area.

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