Error messages

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Couldn't select output format

Some other program is probably hogging an audio channel. Try closing all other programs that may be using Windows audio. Sometimes programs don't release their channels when closed, especially after errors. In that case, restart the computer.


Recording exceeded disk operating system's file size limit

Older file systems, called "FAT", "FAT16" or "FAT32", can only handle files up to 4GB. To tell what filing system your machine uses:
1 Double-click My Computer.
2 Select the drive, typically C:
3 Click File / Properties.
Typical NTFS file systems handle files up to 2 terabytes. Windows 9x systems running FAT16 restrict file size to 2GB.



Video driver limits
If your error occurs at either one of these exact times, your video driver uses an inadequate 32-bit counter:

35 minutes
1 hour : 11 minutes



Recordings put a heavy strain on almost every component in your computer, sometimes producing hard disk and memory errors. If you experience an error or the program hangs, consider adding memory, a larger hard drive, or a faster processor.