Faster, smoother recordings

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Setting the frame rate

For smooth recordings with small steps between each frame, increase the frame rate. But note, fast frame rates dramatically increase file size and slow down the target program!


Click Settings / Options / Video / Frames Per Second.


Enter any number into the box, but the actual recording rate is limited by your hardwares capabilities. The default setting is 10 fps, which is fine for instructional videos.


Frame rate controls the balance of power between CaptureWiz and target programs. Too fast, and the target program runs sluggishly. Too slow, and CaptureWiz runs sluggishly.


Sometimes there isn't enough power. Fast recording requires all high speed components, including the video card, memory, drive and microprocessor. Dont expect commercial quality, expect rates between 4 and 9 frames per second (fps). Hollywood movies run at 24 fps and television runs 30 fps.


Display settings

In our tests, display settings have a big impact on recording speed. You can record 70% faster by not using large fonts, now called "DPI scaling". Slow drives and slow graphics cards also make a huge difference. We saw a 50% difference just between two monitors on one computer, because the older monitor was attached to a slower PCI interface.


More speedups

Capture as small an area as possible.
If using a laptop, set the power settings for highest performance.
Record to your fastest drive, which may be your SCSI or USB drive.
Suspend security software. One customer reported he recorded six times faster by turning off Spysweep.
Close all unnecessary running applications.
Turn off audio recording if unneeded. Click Options / Audio and uncheck Include Audio.
Don't compress one video and record another at the same time.
Restart the computer so you have fresh, unscrambled memory.
Defragment the hard drive.
Use the latest drivers for your video card and motherboard.