Jerky recordings, erratic playback speed

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If the speed jumps between slow and fast, it may be due to two programs each trying to adjust to the other. The fix is to turn off CaptureWiz's automatic speed control.

1 On the capture bar, click Settings / Options / Video and uncheck Automatically adjust speed.

2 After turning this off, re-record.


If the original, un-converted recording is OK, the problem is in the converter. Try selecting a different output format or different AVI compressor.


If the original recording is bad, are there large gaps between each frame? If so, click here.


Does the playback suddenly stop for a few seconds, then continue? If so, the disk drive is probably old, getting full or going bad. If you have an alternate drive, perhaps a USB drive, try recording to that one.


If the problem starts at an even 30 minute mark, it could be your computer's microprocessor automatically throttles down. They often do that to stay cool or reduce battery drain.