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Get instant access to CaptureWiz at any time by clicking the taskbar notification area icon.

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Our most important suggestion

For the ultimate convenience, put the CaptureWiz icon in the taskbar notification area each time you start windows. Then, anytime theres something useful to capture, all you need to do is double-click that icon. Its much more convenient than going to the desktop and starting CaptureWiz each time.

1 On the capture bar menu, click Settings / Options.

2 On the Options window, click the Main tab.

3 Check mark Start CaptureWiz each time you start Windows.

The startup shortcut is placed in Window's Programs / StartUp folder.

Taskbar notification area icon function summary.




Begin capture



Open context menu



Open capture bar (If the capture bar is already open, open the viewer.)


Customizing the taskbar notification area icons double-click function

1 Right-click the taskbar notification icon.

2 Click Double-click Action Edit.

3 Select your desired input and output tools.

What to do if  the Windows taskbar is hidden

Many users dont realize the WINDOWS key ( ) at the bottom left of most keyboards, pops up the taskbar. With this tip, no application can take away control of your computer by hiding the taskbar, and CaptureWiz is always available.

Preventing the taskbar notification area icon from disappearing

The operating system sometimes hides icons in the taskbar notification area. To prevent that, set the icon to always show.

1 On the Windows taskbar, click Start.

2 Click Control Panel.

3 Click Appearance and Themes.

4 Click Taskbar and Start Menu.

5 Uncheck Hide Inactive icons.