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Here's a summary of CaptureWiz's input tools. The tools are available on the capture bar or taskbar notification icon.


Speed capture

When the predictive object finder automatically outlines the area you want, just click to capture that exact area fast. Otherwise, drag the mouse, with the left button down, to capture any random area.

See tips below about canceling or adjusting the selected area.


Full screen capture

This tool captures the full screen.


2-point capture

Capture any area by clicking two corners, or by dragging the mouse. Great if you have an unsteady hand because you don't have to hold the mouse button down.


Frame capture

The frame tool is an open rectangular ruler that shows the dimensions of your selected area in pixels and inches. It opens fast, remembers its position, and lets you interactively prepare applications below it - even through the middle of the frame.

Position the frame over the desired material and click OK. Move the frame by dragging its inside edge, resize the frame by dragging its outside edge. Or, use the keyboard arrow keys.


Scroll capture

Capture pages, pictures or lists that extend out of view. Capture as much or as little of the area as you want. Select the starting area, scroll, then click Done. More about scroll capture


Video recording

Record video and audio, then convert to WMV, AVI or GIF files. More about video recording


Audio recording

Record sound to a WAV file. More about audio recording


Last program capture

This tool captures the last active application (thats usually the one you want).


Window capture

Capture window components with one click.

Touch input

To use your fingers on touch screens, click Settings / Options / Main / Input / Finger. The interface will be expanded for ease of tapping and swiping.


Canceling captures

To cancel a capture, right-click anywhere or press the ESC key.


Capturing an exact area

To set the precise position of the red outlined selection area, press the keyboard arrow keys. Hold down SHIFT while pressing arrow keys to set the precise size of the selection area. Press ENTER to finalize your selection. Mix clicks, drags, ARROW and ENTER keys in any order.

Or use the Frame tool, Window tool or Last program capture tools.

Switching tools

During capture, you can press the CTRL key to switch between capture tools - from speed capture to 2-point capture to window capture and back.

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