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Recorder Toolbar



1 On the capture bar, click Video.

2 Select the area to record, the smaller the better.

3 On the Recorder toolbar, click Start. Or see Alternate ways to start a recording.

4 When done, click Stop. Or the taskbar notification icon ( _bm11 ) or press any CaptureWiz hot key (for example, F10).

5 To watch the recording, on the player, click Play.

After recording, we recommend converting the file to a standard video format, such as WMV, by clicking on the player. The files will be much smaller and playable on any Windows machine.

6 On the player, click Convert, and follow the instructions.

Alternate ways to start recording

To start the recorder at the first mouse click anywhere

Instead of clicking the recorder's Start button, have CaptureWiz start recording when you click anywhere, such as the Play button of your media player. On the capture bar, click Settings / Options / Video and check mark Start recording at first click anywhere.


To start with the mouse positioned inside the first frame

Instead of clicking the Start button, position the mouse pointer wherever you like and press a CaptureWiz hot key, such as F10, to start the recorder.

To start and stop at specific times

On the recording toolbar, click Timer.


To specify the name and folder for a recording

On the recorder toolbar, before clicking Start, click SaveAs. CaptureWiz will remember your choices and apply them automatically next time.


To record an area of exact pixel size

1 On the capture bar, click Area instead of Video.

2 Roughly select the area by dragging the mouse.

3 After the output toolbar appears, adjust the area to exact size using CTRL + keyboard arrow keys and the pixel size displayed on the toolbar.

4 On the output toolbar, click Video.


To record both voice and music

1 On the capture bar, click Settings / Options / Audio.

2 For Channel, select your computer's speaker channel, such as StereoMix or What-U-Hear.

3 In the Windows taskbar notification area, right-click the speaker icon, then click Playback Devices.

4 On the Sound window, click Speakers then Properties.

5 On the Speakers Properties window, click the Levels tab.

6 Look for the Microphone channel, move up its volume and un-mute it.

7 Start recording, play some music, talk, and it'll all be recorded!


To capture tool tips

To capture "tool tips" that pop up when the mouse hovers over items:

1 On the capture bar, click Settings / Options / Video and check mark Capture XP tooltips.

Tool tip

Recording multiple videos at once

CWP can create only one recording at a time, but there's nothing to stop you from arranging multiple videos next to each other on your screen and record all of them at the same time.


It's faster and more accurate to download media than to record it

Generally it's faster and more accurate to download original source files than record them using screen capture software like CaptureWiz.

In Internet Explorer, try right-clicking the link or image, then click Save Picture As.
In Firefox, click Tools / Page Info / Media.
Many third party programs and Firefox plug-ins are available for downloading online media. Search the web for "YouTube download software".

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