Audio recording

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Record sound to a compressed WAV file.

Audio Toolbar



1 On the capture bar, click Audio ( ) .

2 When ready, click Start ( ) .

3 When done, click Pause ( ) , or press any hot key.

4 Click Save ( ) .

5 Select a Folder and File name, then click Save. Result: WAV file saved.

6 To play the captured audio, click Play.

Audio is blank

Blank audio is usually caused by capturing the wrong audio channel. To set the correct channel:

1 In the taskbar notification area, right-click the speaker icon.

2 On the context menu, click Recording Devices.

3 In the Sound applet, left-click the channel to record, such as StereoMix, What-U-Hear or Rec-Playback.

4 Click the Set Default button.

If needed, adjust the channel's volume.

5 Click Properties.

6 Click the Levels tab.

7 Adjust the Volume and Boost (if available).

Sometimes a +30 dB boost is needed for microphones.

Sometimes we've had to close applications and repeat the above procedure several times before it would work.

If your audio card doesn't provide a channel for recording the speakers, click here.

Maximizing sound quality

For maximum sound quality, set recording volume to about 5 on a scale of 6, sample rate to 44KHz and sample size to 16 bit. To access these settings, click Settings / Options on the capture bar, then click the Audio tab. Note that captured audio can never exactly match original files because its sampled asynchronously. For more suggestions, click here.

Minimizing file size

To minimize file size, use the minimum acceptable sample rate, sample size and number of channels. For a good perspective on the actual effects of these settings, click here: More on web>>


CaptureWiz compresses your audio using the widely available codec "Microsoft PCM".