Windows Mail

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Windows Live Mail , which comes free with Windows 7 and later, requires restart to work correctly

1 Download, install and configure Windows Live Mail.

2 Close Windows Live Mail, then reopen it.

3 On the opening dialog, set Windows Live Mail as the Default email program.

4 Now it'll work with the CaptureWiz email button!


Alternate method

1 Close all running applications (at least all that use email, including CaptureWiz).

2 In Windows Mail, click Tools / Options.

3 Click the General tab.

4 Under Default Messaging Programs, click the Make Default button.

6 Click OK.


Turning on paste capability

In some installations of Windows Mail, the capability to paste images is strangely turned off by default. After pasting in an image, all you see is an empty rectangle and the misleading message, "One or more pictures could not be found." According to Microsoft, this inconvenience is for your own safety. To heck with that! Here's how turn the paste capability back on:

1 In Windows Mail, click Tools / Safety Options / Security.

2 Uncheck "Block images and other external content in HTML e-mail."