Recalling captured images

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Saved images

To save captured images to any folder on your computer:

1 After you select an area to capture, an output toolbar appears.


Output Toolbar W Mse Ptr

2  On the output toolbar, click Save. A SaveAs dialog appears.




3 On the SaveAs dialog, select the desired folder in the Save in field.


CaptureWiz remembers the name and folder you select and automatically applies them next time.


To retrieve these saved images, on the Windows taskbar click Start / Computer.


The default locations for saved images are:


C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\My Documents\CaptureWiz

Later OSs

C:\Users\User Name\Documents\CaptureWiz


Temporary images

CaptureWiz by default saves a temporary image of each capture you make. On the hard disk, these images are stored as highly compressed, but 100% accurate, PNG files. The viewer and mini-viewer display thumbnails of these saved images for you to retrieve at will. These thumbnails take minimal computer memory.


To change where and how long temporary images are stored:

1 On the capture bar menu, click Settings / Options / Main.

2 Select the folder and days in Backup image storage.

To delete ALL temporary images:

1 Right-click the mini viewer.

2 On the context menu, click Temporary Folder / Delete All Captured Images.


To stop CaptureWiz from collecting temporary images.

1 On the capture bar, click Settings / Options / Main.

2 Set the Number days images stored to zero.




To view temporary images full size

On the capture bar click View / All Recent Screenshots.


To change viewer thumbnail size

On the viewer, click the + or buttons.


To crop full-size images

Press F10, then select the desired area.


To automatically close the viewer after performing an output

On the viewer, double-click the output button.


Mini viewer

A thumbnail mini viewer on the right end of the capture bar enables you to quickly retrieve recently captured images.

Capture Bar Context

To Save, Print, Sticky Note, Edit, Email or Delete the thumbnail

Right-click the thumbnail, then select an output.


To view the thumbnail full size

Double-click the thumbnail.


To scroll through captured images

Click the up or down button. Hold down the button to repeat.

Or, scroll the mouse wheel. Tip: you may need to first click the thumbnail to put Windows' focus on the capture bar.

Or, press the keyboard UP, DOWN, HOME and END keys.


To turn off the mini viewer

On the capture bar, click Settings / Options / Capture Bar and uncheck Show mini viewer.


Note on file sizes in kibibytes and mebibytes

CaptureWiz's viewer and mini viewer use the new standard international prefixes kibibytes (KiB) (1,024) and mebibytes (MiB) (1,048,576) to show the true file size of your stored images. This avoids the ambiguity of K, the official prefix for 1,000, but often shorthand for 1,024 and M, a thousand Ks. If such trivia delights you, find more at - the official web site of the National Institute for Standards and Technology.