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How to capture Windows audio
You can capture any sound on your computer, including streaming audio, DVDs or a microphone. To give you an idea of what's possible, at the right is an actual example of streaming audio captured from the net.

The trick is setting which channel to record. It's not obvious, but these instructions will show you how. Please print the instructions to make them easier to follow.

Special instructions for Microsoft Vista users.

Note, audio capture is not available under Windows Remote Desktop. Instead, install CaptureWizPro on the local machine.

Jazz Police by The Big Phat Band
2.8MB, captured at 44KHz in 16bit stereo

If you're recording audio and video, be sure Include audio is checkmarked in the CaptureWiz options dialog.
Open the Windows recording control, using this CaptureWiz shortcut.

1 On the capture bar, click Capture / Options.

2 In the Options dialog, click the Video tab, then the Settings button.

Note, you can also access this window from the Windows XP Control Panel by clicking Sounds and Audio Devices, then the Audio tab, then under Sound Recording, click the Volume button.

Here's the window for selecting which channel to record. It may be titled "Recording Control" or "Wave In". We want it to show us every available channel. Strangely, the one we want is often hidden.

3 On the menu, click Options / Properties.

4 In the Properties dialog, make sure the Recording radio button is checked.

5 Checkmark every channel ("volume control") in the list.

6 Click OK.

Returning to the Wave In window, we need to find the live channel. Typically, only one channel is live, but once you find it, it always works. Unfortunately, each audio card uses different channel names. Look for a channel named something like this:

Stereo Mix
Sum Balance
Wave Out Mix
Record Master
Stereo Mixer
What U Hear
Mixed Output

To record your voice, use the Microphone channel.

If no channel works, click here.

7 Try to un-select every channel.
Some audio cards get confused and ignore your settings if multiple channels are selected at once.

8 Checkmark the Select box of the live channel.

9 Set its Volume to 50 - 80%.

10 Click the close button.

Other volume knobs may also need adjusting. For a list,  click here.


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